24" Microbrewster Longboard

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The Microbrewster is an entry level board that loves to cruise. The deck is equipped with specialty trucks and our signature Beercan Boards wheels, which reduce the risk of wheel bite and give you a smooth and easy ride. Although it's our smallest board, its shape and aluminum construct make it easy to manoeuvre and nearly impossible to destroy! This model is perfect for younger kids as well as those who just want to take it easy.

Riding Styles

These boards come with great classic cruising/freestyle decks.

Cruising: The old school form makes it perfect for pushing around parking lots, streets, pools ... whatever, wherever.

Freestyle: Classic shape with a kick tail. Go forth and find your line. Old school flatland all day.

Beginner: You cannot go wrong with this deck for up and comers. Its metal construction will be taking all the abuse they can dish out long after a wooden board would have fallen apart.


The Microbrewster comes with the following features standard:

Specialty Trucks - We use only the best trucks, for optimum manoeuvrability, safety and style.
Abec 9 Bearings - We use only the best bearings in the construction of our boards so that riders are confident in the safety and durability of their board.
Finger Grommet - Our unique finger grommet allow riders to enjoy and easy and comfortable method of transporting their board.
"Bottle Caps" - End caps made from recycled plastic, these nose guards protect you, the board and the planet.
Die Cut Grip Tape - Taking design to an efficient level, we cut custom designs out of our grip tape so that you don't have sacrifice safety for style.
Durable Powder Coat Finish - Because we always want our boards looking good.

Physical Specs

Length 24"
Width 8" at its widest point
Platform 19"
Wheelbase 20"
Profile Tri-Plane Cave
Truck Mount Top Mount
Rear Kick Tale 5"

This Assembled Set Includes

  • 24" Microbrewster Deck
  • Specialty Trucks
  • Abec 9 Bearings
  • Beercan Board Signature Wheels
  • Die Cut Grip Tape
  • Recycled Plastic "Bottle Cap" End Caps
  • Rubber Finger Grip Grommets
  • Rubber Vibration Pads
  • "Made in America" Sticker

Used as designed and intended our boards are tested by riders in excess of 350 lbs.

Every Beercan Board is hand-made in the U.S.A out of recycled aluminum and plastics. These durable, customisable boards prove that style, comfort and Eco-friendly are the perfect combination for novice and expert riders.