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Our vision is to spark a revolution in the longboarding industry by creating a unique and durable aluminum longboard which gives you more control in the way you cut the concrete. The Beercan Board is the All-American, Revolutionary Longboard. It was created with environmental friendliness in mind, made out of 100% recycled aluminum with 100% recycled plastic accessories.

Keeping our eco-friendliness in mind, we offer a service to recycle any previously purchased Beercan Board. You get a fresh, brand-spanking new board for only $50, and you're not adding to a landfill. Double the awesome. Should you wish, you can always change your deck's finish or upgrade to a different style for an additional fee.

We also have our own sets of wheels, produced by one of the number one manufacturers of longboard wheels in America.

Our Office

2118 Douglas Broxton Hwy
Douglas, GA 31533

Phone: +1-912-384-3030
Fax: +1-912-384-5595
Email: sales@beercanboards.com

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