Custom design decks and completes

Get your own personalized grip tape design on any of our decks and completes.
Got design in mind?

If you're not happy with our standard designs, get your own custom design!

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Pick one of our standard decks or completes.

Choose color

Choose one of 11 deck colors currently available for all our decks and completes.

Choose custom

Make sure to choose "Custom" instead of "Standard" option before adding your product to cart.

Make your purchase

Make your purchase and email us at Please use your order number in the subject line!

Send us your art/logo (silhouette, stencil, or vector art) with a doodle of how you'd like it placed on your board.

Approve your design

We'll mock up your design and return by email for your approval. We'll ship your custom board as soon as it's done!


Great board, smooth ride, and staff answered my questions fast and thoroughly. Also they totally hooked it up on the customization too, love it!

Jeffrey T.

I bought a board for my daughter for Christmas. The customization options were great including the board graphics. This was her first board, and I really didn't know exactly what I needed. Customer services was excellent to fill the gaps. Much appreciated.

Anne E.